First Basin in the rain…

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Hooked on…

Saw a large crane on a building site the hooks surface went from mirror finish to rust in just a few centimetres, funny what catches ones eye!

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Islands with no traffic…

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Night leaves

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Elm tree at dusk…

Illuminated Elm tree at dusk… So many colours

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A proud Pacific black mother duck and her ducklings

This was taken in February and as of a few weeks ago sadly only two survived, again there seems to be cats roaming around the Gorge after dusk…

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A gull in the gorge

Watching birds is always an interesting pastime but watching  flying gulls and their antics from above adds another dimension!

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Concrete block with a style of its own!

Around the back of the rear of a Brisbane Street shopping centre in Launceston CBD there is a concrete block building that was perhaps built in the 70’s. Buildings of this era were notoriously bland […]

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Death toll: one night, one junction!

Three possums and a Bennetts Wallaby all killed at the junction of Tamar Highway and Cormiston Rd last night. Someone took the trouble to pile these little bodies up for the council to remove before […]

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Steel life in West Launceston…

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