A most Splendid Wren

Splendid wren

A most splendid wren,  It is such an absolute delight to watch these beutiful tiny birds zipping around catching insects just before dusk…


The much maligned brush tail possum sits waiting for darkness to arrive before its departure to create havoc around litter bins, on suburban roofs and in trees. Yes they also attack veggie gardens and fruit trees for a feed which makes them pests but when all is said and done they are just out for a feed which is their right but not in my back garden… Right!

Australian Cormorant

Australian Cormorant
Water fowl Australian Cormorant

Saw this Australian Cormorant a few days ago its the closest I have ever managed to get to one. Captured at 70mm! Its quite a large bird and an ancient species not too far removed from the first birds that developed feathers after the dinosaurs It swims fast underwater for a few minutes at a time to catch fish then sits on rocks to dry out. Its a cold hard way to get a meal at this time of year. The light was fading fast when I photographed it and am a bit surprized how well two of the half dozen frames I managed to get of turned out. Image stabilisation is great but this one was pushing the limits a bit a constantly moving head of a black bird against dark water at dusk! ƒ3.2 1/60th at ISO 640