Tamar wetlands and black swans…

Tamar wetlands black swans



A walk through the Tamar wetlands in Riverside never disappoints. Today we were greeted at the first bridge by two of the most elegant creature on the planet gently gliding past. It seems that most of the birds at the wetlands have very little fear of humans. The only species that seems to be reluctant to get any where close to humans are the geese probably with good reason!

A Nesting Australian Black Swan at the Tamar wetlands


Cygnus atratus, the Australian Black Swan nesting at the Tamar Wetlands. This iconic Australian bird can weigh up to nine kilograms live up to forty years and lays up to nine eggs in one season which take between 35 and 40 days to hatch. This nest is over a metre in diameter and is sited about a metre above the high tide level. With the rain over the last few days I am concerned that one metre might not be enough!

A Great Egret and Swan at the Tamar Wetlands, Riverside

A great Egret and swan at the Tamar Wetlands Centre in Riverside

Amidst the winter storms the clouds broke up and it was time to get out for a walk around the Tamar wetlands. I have been hoping to sight a some of the Native Egrets and Herons for a while. After walking for an hour or so we were rewarded with this Great Egret and an Australian Swan that decided to move on as we arrived…