Through the packing shed…


Wether or not it has anything to do with the old adage an apple a day keeps the doctor away I remain undecided but as long as I can remember we have always eaten an apple and sometimes several apples a day. Since we moved to Tasmania most of our apples have come from our ageing granny smith tree in the back garden or from Lee’s orchard in Dilston. The apples and pears of various varieties have been of consistantly good quality always having a freshness of flavour and juiciness. Which is more than I can say from the occasional forced purchases from Coles and Woolies. Sometimes when not being able to visit the Harvest or Evendale markets we drive up to Dilston and buy our supplies directly from Lee’s orchard packing shed. One cloudy day a month so ago we made such a trip and just as we parked by the packing shed the sun came out and bathed the apple trees in the late winter light needless to say I grabbed the camera and click. A few minutes later it rained…

The best Lamb burgers in town!

The best Lamburgers in town

Braefield farms not only sell really good Lamb Burgers they also sell really fresh chilled meat, even whole lambs for the freezer if you want it. It is one of the only places in Launceston where one can buy very fresh liver.  A lot of people get squimish about eating anything other than prime cuts of meat. Really fresh liver chopped into thin strips rolled in wheat germ and stone ground whole wheat flower then sauted is a dish to behold. While I was making my selection of liver from the mobile chiller a lady remarked we only feed that to our cat. I answered your cat may be better fed than you!

There is a lot of social pressure because environmental concerns to eat less meat and this is especially true when we have the duopoly of Coles and Wollies almost controling the food supply. Why would we buy meat that in many cases is slaughtered and packed on the mainland and then presented for sale in Tasmania when there are good honest local farmers going broke because of the despicable duopoly. We always try to buy local to the extent that we are prepared to do without if we can’t buy what we want. We feel it is far better to buy quality lesser cuts of meat than to buy just anything we can get from Coles and Woolies. Its better for us and better for Tasmanian farmers and self-sufficiency in general which is essential if Tasmania is going to progress.