A view from Tailrace Park…

A view from Tailrace ParkI found a pleasant short walk this evening a walk along the edge of the Tamar at Tailrace Park. I couldn’t help feeling that the board walk along the tidal edge should run al the way into Launceston. What a magnificent tourist attraction that would be!


No corners…

No Corners just of lots of curved bricks!No Corners just of lots of curved bricks! Thats right, all the corners of the walls are rounded. This must be unique to Tasmania… Its an interesting detail especially when each brick has a rough hewn texture.

Last rays of sunshine on the South Esk River

The left bank of the south Esk River

Last rays of sunshine on the South Esk River. Its one of the great pleasures of a photographically inclined persons life just to be able to walk within the last two hours of daylight. The sun rays stream down at about 30degrees illuminating all the vertical surfaces that are normally bathed in shade. One can see details in trees and buildings clearly and the third dimension becomes more apparent, doorways and windows take on slight side shadows that prove their depth. Birds start a feeding frenzy in the last hour before they go to roost and even a few fish can be seen rising to the surface of the river to grab the last insects before the sun sets.

Brutalist pumping station beside the South Esk River…


Looking at some of the half dozen or so pumping stations in and around Launceston it seems these small utility buildings give the architect an opportunity to let his or her imagination run free. Maybe its to test new combinations of building materials or train labour. Very few people are going to question the style or design of a building that sits tucked away in a corner between a riverbank levee and a main road. Its likely that very few people even care and even if they did object in some way there are many excuses that could used to make stifle debate. This building is the way it is for functional reasons. This building is the way it because of costs etc. But whatever the reason here we have an industrial building that is designed for a specific purpose in a style that echo’s the period in which was created and visually gives those of us who are interested something to ponder upon.