The Shy Albatross

The Shy albertros

Just before the storms I took a trip on a zodiac into the southern ocean along the coast of the the Tasman peninsula. Saw some wonderful sights one was this Shy Albatros sadly it is under threat from longline fishermen of all nationalities. These seabirds are just magnificent its an absolute crying shame that as the dominant species on the planet we are slowly pushing this graceful creature into extinction…

A very brave photographer, teetering on the edge…

A very brave photographer
Fuji Xpro1 ƒ5 .5s ISO 2500 18-55mm 


A 4x5 photogapher teetering on the edge
A 4×5 photogapher teetering on the edge of a rock over hanging an absolutely raging South River Esk. A photographer has got to be very serious to use a field camera in half light its a very slow tedious process making photographs this way. Add to this that river raging only a couple of metres down as this brave soul squats on slippy rocks and its a recipe for wet pants in wore ways than one!

Terry the turkey…

Terrry the turkey

This is Terry the turkey while he looks like a mean and nasty fella but nothing could be further from the truth he follows his human ‘friends’ around making aggreable grunts he even likes to be stroked every so often. The rest of the time he keeps his hareem of eight females in check by shepherding them in the direction he thinks they should go and at night flies up into a tree roost.