Art Deco on Trevallyn Road…

Cataract-Court Art Deco on Trevallyn Road

There are many lovely Art deco styled buildings in greater Launceston, however this blogger has not seen many as large private homes. I class this one as a sub set of formal art deco, I call them MOD style which is short form for The British Ministry of Defence. For the simple reason that the MOD and the Ministry of Works built likely thousands all over the world, residences, barracks, airport buildings, offices, the list goes on. I have seen similar buildings in the West Indies throughout SE Asia, Sri Lanka and of course in the UK itself, infact anywhere the British set up office. This one being private is interesting in that it is staggered in three receding but connected blocks.  This could be magnificent once restored and I would dearly like to view the interior…. Please anyone!!!

I recently learned that the Singapore Government has permanently preserved the old Geylang airport terminal as an arts and community centre which is from the same era.

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