A female peacock close up…


A curious female peacock, she’s almost posing!
Over the past year we have really gotten to enjoy the company of these lovely creatures on our evening walk. A few have even begun to recognise us by walking with or not even atempting to walk away from us.
Sadly there seems to be a high mortality rate with their chicks about 30% so far seemed to have vanished. Likely cats, we have seen the odd few sculking out of view onthe Trevallyn side. Then before they even get to the chick stage possums are known to raid the nests for eggs, but we haven’t seen any evidence of scattered broken egg shells. I realize that these peafowl are not natives and some folk have questioned that, but it seems they are endangered in several of the countries from which they eminate. So in many ways keeping them in a public parks is no bad thing.  And thus far we haven’t seen any evidence of a depletion of skinks which the are known to eat. From observation I would say that the kookaburras are more efficient hunters where small reptiles are involved and even they could be an import!  Besides Jacqui Lambie needs peacock feathers for her hats!

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