Virginia creeper Autumn colour…


Often regarded as something of a weed Virginia creeper is a great garden plant. It softens  the look of fences, it requires very little water and its fast growing. But its not a native and that is often the basis of a significant amount of prejudice. How could anyone object to that colour once a year?

Un Scotch thistle?

Not a Scotch thistle but a Spear Thistle or Cirsium Vulgare

When I first saw this thistle I thought it to be a Scotch thistle but after consulting the weeds website I identified it as a Spear Thistle or Cirsium Vulgare. They are very similar and many folk also call it a Scotch Thistle but in reality its a much smaller cousin and the flower prettier as thorns go.

The artist in me likes the plant for its form and colour but the gardener tells me to get rid of it. Fortunatly the camera allows me to record it and be able to consider later. Then the gardener within me destroys it knowing that it is just another plant that has grown in the wrong place… I’m in the process of designing a new garden mostly so that I will have plants photograph and thus far I have twenty two species of invasive weed plants to consider this way…